a very fun way to learn personal finances, the goal: to get out of the rat race
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Thinking how to start writing this review was not easy for me, because I stumbled in front of a lot of ideas and I wanted to straighten them up before writing. Talking about Cash-flow means talking about his author and developer: Robert Kiyosaki. I want the reader to please forgive me, but I need to dedicate a couple of lines writing about him and his idea: “Rich Dad”. Last year, I was invited by a friend to read the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” book. I had no idea what this was about, but I found it very quickly. Robert’s main idea in this book, was to create a way in which any people can put his/her money to work for him/her instead of working for the money. I was one of those guys, waiting anxiously to cash his check at the end of the month in order to go and buy everything from the stores. By the end of the next month, I did not have a penny and I was waiting, again, for the next pay check. This book, really changed the way I think and I see now personal financial life. If you haven’t and you are a person who is willing to go beyond his/her boundaries, read it! You won’t regret it. Cash-Flow the E-game, is a very fun way to learn what Robert has been teaching. It sets a number of players in the “rat race” where everybody who gets his university degree starts, and then all the adventure begins. By rolling the virtual dices, the player advances and falls into different situations. For example, the opportunity one: where, randomly, the player is offered different chances to make a decision about his/her financial life. Such chances include buying stocks, opening small businesses, buying houses (well, right now in the USA anybody can find great bargains, hehe), selling stocks, selling properties, and so on. There are other steps on the board, where a person has a baby and his/her expenses raise, or where gets downsized, buys a “doodad” or simply gets the paycheck. The goal of this game is to raise the passive income (from personal businesses) in such level, that the player’s monthly expenses are less than the passive income; this means, if the player has no job, then there is no problem, because the player is receiving enough money to pay all his/hers bills. Than at that moment, the player can get out of the rat race and jump into the fast track, where there he/she does not need to work anymore and keeps just supervising the big businesses. Afterwards, the player only needs to reach his dream, saving the mammals, for example, buying thousands of acres of raw land to make a park with his name, running for mayor and so on. It is a very amusing game, and the best part is that makes you think about how people spend money. I strongly recommend you to play it, at least 2 or 3 times, It will change your horizons.

Rodrigo Rodriguez
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